Navigating the Tikkl Admin Interface

How do I navigate the Tikkl Admin interface?

The Tikkl admin user interface has three main areas:  

Every user with an account on Tikkl has access to the Personal admin area. Only those users who have admin privileges are allowed access to the Org and Campaign areas.


What is the Personal Admin area?

This is your Personal account on Tikkl where you set up and manage your profile, view all of the Orgs and Campaigns you are associated with and track your participation in Campaigns. A “Manage” link next to an Org Name or Campaign Title indicates that you have admin privileges for that Org or Campaign. Clicking it will take you to the Org Admin Area or Campaign Admin Area. 


What is the Org Admin Area?

This is where you create a profile for your organization or business, start creating a new Campaign and view all the Campaigns your Org is running or has run in the past. You can set up your Merchant Account, upload contacts to your Contacts Database and add content to your Media Library all within this area. You have to be an Org Owner or an Org Admin to access this area.

What is the difference between an Org Owner and an Org Admin?

An Org Owner is the person most responsible for managing an Org's presence on Tikkl. There is only one Owner for each Org. Only the Org Owner can make changes to certain Org Settings such as the Merchant Account information, Branding, or User Privileges.

An Org Admin is someone the Group Owner has invited to help take responsibility for managing an Org and its Campaigns. An Org Admin can perform many of the same functions as an Org Owner, except for those mentioned above.


What is the Campaign Admin Area?

This is where you will edit Campaign pages, publish new Campaigns to your microsite, promote them to your contacts and track participation. You will find a listing of current and past Campaigns associated with your Org that you can manage and track. Also, message templates for Invitation, Reminder and Thank you e-mails can be set up and sent out from here.


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