Accounts and Microsites

What is a Personal Account?

A person creates a free Personal Account on Tikkl and connects with Orgs to receive campaign notifications and invitations and keep track of participation history. An user can also champion for an organization by re-tikkling or running referral campaigns on an org's behalf. Users who create Org accounts or become admins of Orgs can create and manage campaigns for the Org.

What is an Org Account?

An Org is a business, organization, or association that has an account on Tikkl. As part of your Org account, you get a microsite on Tikkl with a personalized web address. You can link any page of your Tikkl microsite from your main website through hyper-links, widgets, and APIs.

You need an Org Account for your Org in order to run Campaigns on Tikkl.

What is my Org's Campaign Microsite?

Every Org has a unique, customized site on Tikkl called the Org's Campaign Microsite. This is the starting or home page for viewing your Campaigns and your Network on Tikkl.

Your microsite home page provides a snapshot of your Org: it features your active and archived campaigns, giving visitors opportunities to participate and respond to your Org's Call-to-Actions. The homepage also features your Network, the People who have connected with you and are championing for you by sharing their shoutouts and participation activity, and the Orgs and their campaigns that you like and recommend.


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