Linking to your Tikkl Campaign Microsite

Tikkl extends your website with interactive content

Your Tikkl site works like an extension of your website -- a microsite where you run all your marketing activities such as informational campaigns, offers and promotions, events and classes, contests and games, fundraising, and volunteer drive. Just like your Blog post for news and articles or your Facebook Page for your interactions with Facebook users extend your website.

Link to your Tikkl campaign microsite from your website

Visitors to your website can easily get to all the campaigns you are running on your Tikkl site. You can set this up in one or more ways:

  • Put a "Participate in our campaigns, promotions, and events" button or link on your main website. You may group this along with buttons and links to your Blog, Facebook, or Twitter sites.

  • Display one or more of your currently running top campaigns (with campaign title and call-to-action) on the main page of your website. Example: Tikkl displays their top campaign on their homepage to direct traffic to their campaign site.

  • Link tabs or menu items such as "Classes & Events" or "Special Offers" or "Donate" already existing on your website to:

    • your campaign listing page at <yoursite>, or
    • a specific campaign at <yoursite><campaign-name>.
  • Link from any page on your website such as an event listing to:

    • the event's landing page on your Tikkl site at <yoursite><campaign-name> via "Learn more" or "Follow the conversation" buttons or links, or
    • directly to the participation page at <yoursite><campaign-name>/events via a "Register" button or link.


  • Tikkl also provides widgets which you can easily embed on your website. Go to Network>Widgets in your Org admin area.

  • As you design link placement, take care to not trap visitors in an  infinite loop between your main website and your Tikkl microsite. Make sure to create a unidirectional flow toward checkout.


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