Campaign Pages

What are the Campaign pages?

Every Campaign consists of a Landing page and a Participation page. You publish the main content and your call-to-action (CTA) on the campaign landing page and enable visitors to respond to your CTA as well as share, comment, and endorse your campaign. When they click on your CTA button, they are directed to the Participation page which you setup with forms to fill, events or items to buy, etc.

What is a Landing page?

The Landing page of a Campaign features a key message, call to action, multimedia elements (a photo slide show and videos), testimonials, campaign pitch, and visitor comments to motivate your viewers to take the next step and visit your Participation page.

See a sample Landing Page template below:

Sample Landing Page Template.jpg

What is the Participation page?

The Participation page lets your contacts help you accomplish your campaign goals by filling out a survey, sharing their opinions or expertise, contributing funds, registering for an event, or requesting an appointment. The Participation page can be customized to fit almost any campaign goal.


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