What is a Campaign on Tikkl?

What is a Campaign?

The word campaign means - an operation or series of operations energetically pursued to accomplish a purpose.

On Tikkl, a Campaign is a marketing activity with a call-to-action for your audience. And includes performing all publishing, promoting, and tracking operations in an organized manner in order to accomplish your goal.

Campaigns can be created for sharing news and asking people to sign up for a service, conducting a survey, inviting and registering people for events, promoting new products or services with a coupon, running a contest, or making fundraising appeals. Tikkl lets you publish your pitch and Call to Action on your Campaign Landing Page and seek responses and payments on your Campaign Participation Page, both of which you can easily create in minutes using our application.

As part of your Campaign, you can also send personalized Invitation, Reminder, and Thank You e-mails. You can also invite your trusted contacts to run their own Referral Campaign to increase the reach and impact of your Campaign.

What kinds of Campaigns can I run on Tikkl?

Tikkl lets you run a variety of campaigns such as:

  • informational campaigns
  • polls & questionnaires
  • offers & coupons
  • contests
  • event & program registrations
  • gift store
  • fundraising campaigns


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