What is Tikkl?

What is Tikkl?

Tikkl is a platform for running interactive marketing campaigns in a social network setting.

On Tikkl, companies run campaigns and create buzz and promote through their network of champion customers and business partners. A company's network of connections may be prospects, customers, members, employees, partners, donors, or supporters.

People can find and participate in campaigns running on Tikkl, in addition to the ones they are invited to by companies they know.

Who is Tikkl for?

Tikkl is designed for medium and small sized businesses, brands, associations, nonprofits, clubs, and any collective-action informal groups. The platform is designed for use by event organizer, marketing manager, executive director, marketing communications executive, social media marketer, etc and does not require any web design or web development skills.

Tikkl is also for individuals to discover interesting campaigns from the organizations they connect with and others on Tikkl and manage their interaction and relationships with organizations and businesses that matter to them.

Tikkl provides two types of accounts: Org accounts and Personal accounts.

How will my Organization benefit from using Tikkl?

Increase conversion rate. Engage delightfully.

You can run a wide variety of compelling interactive campaigns which makes it possible to attract and engage different people with different interests.

Reach more leads.

Tikkl helps you reach warm leads through your network of partner businesses and champion customers, as they interact with your campaigns or re-tikkl through referral campaigns or run joint campaigns.

Save time and effort.

Tikkl provides a streamlined easy-to-use process to publish, promote, and track all marketing activities from one place.

Tikkl gives you an automatically consolidated view of your contacts so you can segment and target effectively and measure results efficiently. No need to merge campaign participation data from different systems for surveys, events, and newsletters.



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